KC police chief spends day listening to community and their concerns about recent shootings

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  The Kansas City Police Department is asking for your help as investigators are still trying to figure out who's responsible for a number of shootings in the metro ranging from the east side to Westport.

Chief Rick Smith listened to members of the community talk Tuesday about their concerns over recent shootings--especially shootings in Westport and the Hilltop Apartment Complex at 19th and Topping.

The apartment shooting just happened early Monday morning and involved a child. It's the third shooting at that complex involving a child since last fall.

The chief says the department is aware of issues, but there's no quick fix. When it comes to areas such as Westport he wants the public to know there's a plan to fight crime in place.

"I don't know what you gauge as a success, but we've come across a lot of guns in Westport on the nights that we are there," Chief Smith said. "We continue that plan, we continue to make sure it's a safe environment for everybody."