Video of young ‘meteorologist’ reporting ‘live’ from Florida has entire morning crew laughing so hard, some had tears

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Each morning Fox 4 asks viewers to "Tell Me Something Good."

On Tuesday, Linda Bryant Parson shared a video of her granddaughters with the caption, "Grand-daughters watching too much hurricane coverage."

The video shows 'meteorologist' Aubrey Parson reporting 'live' from Fort Myers Beach, Fla. As she tracks the wind speed her sister acts as the hurricane and spirals in the background. At one point her hurricane-like winds cause a stuffed dog to fly across the room as Aubrey yells, "I think a dog just passed by."

The hilarious 47 second clip had the entire morning crew laughing. Meteorologist Karli Ritter and Abby Eden laughed so hard they were crying.