Well-known author Jodi Picoult is in KC helping put finishing touches on musical based on her book “Between the Lines”

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From the page to the stage, a well-known author's book is being transformed into a musical - and it's making its world premiere at the KC Rep.

"Between the Lines" is one of author Jodi Picoult's 24 books. She wrote it with her daughter, and it's about a young girl who falls for a prince in a book that comes to life.

This musical is getting the Broadway treatment - some of the best from New York wrote the script and music, the actors are Broadway performers, and the hope is this show might make its way to the Great White Way.

Picoult is also taking a big role in creating this show.

"The status quo is the author hands the book over, you get paid for the rights to that book and then you're gone," Picoult said. "You have no say in it. And one of the reasons I really wanted to turn this into the musical is I want to be a part of the process. I didn't want to be pushed aside. Collaborative effort with other people to turn it into the best musical possible."

The show is running now until Sunday, Oct.1 at the Spencer Theater on the UMKC Campus.