Bogus charges lead Problem Solvers to alert bank to metro business’ checkered past

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You might remember the names – Kansas City Limousine and Party Bus or Kansas City Limousine Tours. Both are booking companies for limousine drivers and both operated by Jeffrey Lee Harris.

The first time FOX 4 Problem Solvers heard about Harris was last July. That’s when Forrest Clopton called us because of an unexplained charge on his debit card of $1,048.15.

Clopton said the charge came from Kansas City Limousine and Party Bus, which he’d hired and paid eight months earlier for a holiday lights tour. That holiday tour only cost him $100 -- whereas the bogus charge that popped up on his debit card statement eight months later was more than 10-times that amount.

When Clopton failed to get anyone at Kansas City Limousine and Party Bus to take care of the problem, he contacted Problem Solvers.

We contacted owner Jeffrey Lee Harris. Harris used to run Trinity Limousine until two years ago when he was accused of overcharging people’s credit cards. Now he has a new company, but the credit card problems are still following him. Harris told us the overcharge was a simple billing error and he would take care of it.

Except he didn’t. That’s why Clopton called us again this week. He sent us documents from Bank of America showing Harris actually thwarted the bank’s attempt to give Clopton back his money – insisting to B of A the $1048.15 charge was valid.

FOX 4 Problem Solvers called Bank of America and sent them the stories we had aired about Harris and his questionable dealings. We’re happy to report that Bank of America has now issued Clopton a refund.

As for Jeffrey Lee Harris, he didn’t answer our emails and we couldn’t find a current phone number for him. If you see him, please tell him he’s now an official member of the FOX 4 Problem Solver Hall of Shame.

Now for some happy news. The last time we talked to Jeff Shrout he was having trouble obtaining the print he won four years ago at a silent auction benefiting the employees of JJs – an iconic Kansas City restaurant that was destroyed in an explosion four years ago.

Shrout had attended the auction and won multiple pieces of art. He has them proudly hung in his Independence home --- except for that one missing piece. It’s a print of a 1993 Hanabusa painting.

An identical print had been hanging in JJs when it exploded. The print was supposed to be mailed to Shrout from a shop in Paris, but it never arrived.

When we shared Shrout’s story with JJs employees – they were eager to solve the problem. But, Shrout decided he didn't want employees to have to use their own money to buy him the missing print, and ordered and paid for it himself. It arrived this week.

An earlier version of this story said the employees purchased the print for him as they told Fox 4 they were going to do, but as we noted Shrout says he declined their help.