Judge tells Bonner Springs HS teacher who undressed in classroom that he shouldn’t expect privacy

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BONNER SPRINGS, Kan. — A former Bonner Springs High School teacher and coach who sued the school district and four administrators after he says they secretly taped him in his classroom for six years, did not receive the ruling he wanted from the judge on Wednesday.

A lawyer representing Rob Marriott filed the lawsuit which alleges Marriott’s classroom was not only used for teaching students and private conversations with staff and parents, but it was also used as a locker room for visiting sports teams. He also argued that Marriott and his family used the classroom to change clothes for after-school sporting events.

Marriott claims by monitoring his classroom, he, his wife, and his minor son were exposed in a very personal way. The petition spells out how the three used Marriott’s classroom to change clothes for sporting events and practices after school.

In the petition, Marriott claimed that Bonner Springs school administrators had been using a surveillance camera to secretly tape his classroom, beginning in 2009 until Marriott resigned in 2015.

On Wednesday, the judge sided with the school district and dismissed the lawsuit, telling Marriott he should not have an expectation of privacy in the a classroom.