MARC makes meal plan changes for stay-at-home seniors

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro agency said by changing its meal delivery program, it'll be able to feed more seniors who stay at home. The Mid-America Regional Program first introduced frozen meals last fall, and beginning October 1, about 1,000 seniors of the 2,500 who receive home-delivered meals will make the switch.

MARC said it's a battle with funding. The question being presented is: how do you feed a growing population of stay-at-home seniors with a cap on how much money you have to work with?

The solution the senior centers came up with is to add frozen meals to the delivery option, depending on what kind of kitchen the senior centers have. Some places will continue to offer hot meals by necessity, but others will start delivering five frozen meals once a week instead of hot meals daily.

Some seniors have been hesitant about the change, but others said they're willing to give it a try.

"This is something new. But some other people have received them here in the building and they said they liked them very well." 90-year-old Otto Jones said.

Carolyn Bailey, 93, doesn't want frozen meals. She prefers the hot food and the face-to-face time.

"I want the hot meals. It's something to look forward to. Somebody comes in, and it breaks the monotony of being in four walls," she said.

Pamela Seymour is the director at Shepard Center of Kansas City Central. "It’s not less food at all. No, not at all. The meals are prepared according to RDA standards for an older adult. And that continues to be met with these frozen meals."

CLICK HERE: Home Delivered Meals Fact Sheet

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