Brotherly Love: Eagles trip to Arrowhead brings Travis Kelce’s brother to town

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday it will mark the second meeting since each team drafted an Ohio man named Kelce.

However, it will be the first time Eagles Center Jason Kelce and Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce both take the field on opposing sides in their lives. Travis missed 2013's game due to injury.

Several of their family members plan to attend the game, as will their high school football coach and barber.

'They can always cheer for me at all times," Travis said Friday about his parents.

The shirt Donna Kelce plans to wear to the game features photos of both players on the front and says "Mother to two NFL brothers" on the back.

Two years separated Jason and Travis Kelce as they grew up in Cleveland Heights Ohio.

"It`s childhood rivalry since I was born to beat my brother," Travis said.

His mother says Travis always trying to outdo his older brother.

"Travis was always poking the bear, he was always needling him trying to get him riled up," Donna said

Travis excelled at basketball and baseball, Jason at hockey.

"They played every kind of sport you can possibly imagine," his mother said.

But both would end up going to the University of Cincinnati to play football.

"Travis is more flamboyant and charismatic, Jason is just more driven," Donna said of the differences between her sons.

Travis said there hadn't been any trash talking this week (or any conversations at all) with Jason as he prepares to fly from the "City of Brotherly Love" to Arrowhead. But his mom said there was plenty of it when the family got together this summer.

"They were both trying to go over bragging rights of who was going to be ahead at halftime, they each believe their team is going to the Super Bowl," she said.

If either does, of course mom and the rest of the family will be there. Donna says she travels to at least five games a year for each son.

"I can enjoy football like a fan, I`m not one of those mothers that`s wringing saying oh he`s getting hit," she said.

Of course she could never choose between her sons, even if Travis thinks his parents do, or perhaps should.

"I`m the baby so they love me more," Travis said.

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