Arson leaves metro area non-profit scrambling to transport medical equipment

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -– An arsonist has destroyed a vital tool used to provide medical equipment to the disabled. Someone set fire to a truck used by Mid America Alliance for Access on Thursday.

The non-profit accepts donations of gently used medical equipment, repairs them then sells them at a fraction of retail costs. The truck that was burned was used to transport donations to and from various locations. Now, thanks to the criminals that burned the truck, their operations are stalled.

“We got a call after the truck had been burned, and it was far too gone for us to even be able to salvage a bit of it,” said Casey Guernsey of MidAmerica Alliance For Access.

Their delivery truck was sitting in the back parking lot of the business overnight when it was scorched by flames that were likely set on purpose.

“It`s probably the most important component of the entire process for what we do here. We can`t do anything without the transportation to go pick up and deliver our medical equipment,” Guernsey said.

Company leaders are now working to replace the truck, but right now the non-profit simply does not have the money required to do so. This crime could impact their ability to serve the community for weeks or even months to come.

“ The people that we provide services for, a lot of them don`t have transportation, they rely on us to be able to bring them what they need. This didn`t affect us as much as it absolutely does the people who are the most needy in our entire community,” Guernsey said.

MidAmerica Alliance For Access is currently raising money to replace that truck. To donate visit:

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