Joe’s Weather Blog: When it rains…it rains! (SUN-9/17)

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The weather on Saturday was a bit perplexing at times…then yesterday evening I kept waiting and waiting for the storms to refire…finally they did late last night…from there, once again we were off to the heavy rain races again. Widespread 1-5″ totals were reported south of the I-70 corridor with lighter totals on the north side of KC proper. Cooler air is filtering in as I type this blog this morning…so today will be about 15° cooler than yesterday (Saturday).


Today: There is still some lingering chances of rain today…but the activity should be more scattered in nature and wind down fully this afternoon. Again as mentioned for the past few days…bring some rain gear out to the Chiefs game (in the better safe than sorry department). Highs today will be in the 70-75° range.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy with rain chances increasing tomorrow morning. Lows in the 60s

Monday: Higher rain chances in the morning then variable afternoon clouds. Highs in the 70s

Tuesday: Windier with warmer weather…highs in the mid 80s


Another heck of an overnight rain in the region. Stormwatch totals are rather healthy. Our network of sensors show the highest total of 1.5″ at the KC Country Club.

On average 1-2″ fell south of I-70 but there were some heavier totals as you can see…

Northside lighter totals…KCI officially for KC: .78″

Notice the highlighted areas along K-7!

General 1-2″ averages…

Pretty darn impressive…doppler totals will eventually reset themselves when the rain goes away…but that may be awhile today for that to happen.

The latest surface map shows the cold front now pushing towards the SE of the KC area…as the rain fades to the SE…the front will slow and then break up later today and tonight

With the front (blue line) passing south…most of the rain has moved with it away from the metro.

What I’m curious about is some remnant areas of “lift” out across KS…that continue to generate some showers…that’s why I wonder IF we can still get a few showers/sprinkles in the soupy air that is still on top of the area.

So that takes care of today…cool and pretty gray into the early afternoon at least. It will be a struggle to warm up today.

Then tomorrow another disturbance will be coming up from the SW…this should help get more lift into the atmosphere in the Plains developing more rain/storms that should be around through the middle of the day…more rain is expected…with some areas getting over 1″ again.

Then things should calm down on Tuesday as we get warmer and warmer this week. Nothing crazy but after a cool-ish Monday we should again be running in the 85-90° range with dew points well into the 60s…that means we’ll have 90°+ heat indices for a couple of hours in the afternoon this week.

Finally I need to update the tropics…Jose is still out there off the SE coast…not doing a lot except generating some pretty significant waves.

Jose will be an issue in the NE part of the country through New England later this week with high surf and wind…perhaps even some rain too, especially towards New England. It will seem more like a rather strong nor’easter.

Then there is Maria…which is a concerning tropical storm (as of this writing) with warm waters…little shear, and good development conditions in it’s path…Maria will be a newsmaker as the week moves along.

This morning it looks like it’s fighting some dry air being entrained into the circulation on the eastern side of the center…but it certainly has that rotational look to it.

Notice the forecast path of this likely strengthening system…going into the northern Leeward Islands (yes sort of like Irma) then heading for a potential more direct hit into the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as well. Irma passed well north of PR. The island so a large part of it’s electrical grid messed up from Irma…this path of Maria would not be a good thing.

The stronger winds are forecast to get towards PR later Tuesday into Wednesday.

So the tropics are still going strong…and an active season continues.

Finally check this out…1 minute satellite images of Irma as it was coming in the Islands and then moving through the Caribbean and towards Florida. wEather geeks will appreciate these!

It may take a while to load!

There were a ton of great sunset pictures last night…dozens to choose from…here is one sent in from Elizabeth MacClymont down towards Louisburg, KS


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