‘KC Soul Pantry’ provides neighbors an opportunity to directly support one another

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. Just like 'The Little Free Library’ -- a new food pantry called "the KC Soul Pantry" is providing access to food 24-7.

It's neighbors helping neighbors - a local place that is giving the community a direct way to come together and support one another.

“Food insecurity is something that people don`t talk about,” said Kristin Hatch, the Co-Founder of KC Soul Pantry.

How it works is simple. Take what you need, give when you can.

“You could just have this little pantry in your yard and maybe people could come by and take what they needed, and people could donate too,” added Hatch.

Two women started "KC Soul Pantry" earlier this - it's kind of like a Little Free Library but with food.

“Someone is a primary host, or the main host of it, just so that someone`s kind of keeping an eye on it,” Hatch said.

You might start seeing these little red food pantries popping up around the metro. Currently, there are seven, and they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“People might just need a couple little things to help them through the weekend until they get paid, maybe it`s a kid coming home from school knowing that there`s nothing to eat when they get home from school,” Hatch added.

If you`re looking for a quick and easy way to give back - you can drop something in a box at your convenience, or host a box near your home. Need something?

It's yours for the taking.

“If you needed a granola bar or a bottle of water on your way to wherever you`re going today, grab it. We go out usually in the mornings once a day, and we fill it with bottles of water, canned food, easy to eat food, granola bars, so that we have a variety of easy to cook and easy to eat,” Hatch said.

When it gets colder they`ll put in some t-shirts and blankets. These mini pantries are supposed to help when big food pantries are closed.

“You don`t have to like fill out a form, and you don`t have to be part of some big group, or get approved or anything like that, you can just show up and grab a box of mac and cheese if you need it,” said Hatch. “We have some fliers that we leave in the pantry, that tell you where to go for real serious help.”

Want to become a host or want more information?
35 E. 56th Terrace KCMO 64113
432 E. 75th Street KCMO 64131
519 E. 77th Street KCMO 64131
801 E. 77th Street KCMO 64131
316 E. 78th Terrace KCMO 64131
7917 Main Street KCMO 64114
112 W. 80th Terrace KCMO 64114

Three new locations are also in the works.