Man pleads no contest to murder of 38-year-old man at Olathe bar

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OLATHE, Kan. --  Michael Chinn, Jr., 30, of Augusta, Kan., entered a no-contest plea to 2nd degree murder for the death of a man reportedly trying to come to the aid of a friend at the Double Nickel Bar and Grill, 189 S. Rogers Rd., in Olathe, Kan.

Friends say William 'Billy' Schustkesting, 38, came to the rescue of a woman at the bar. Court documents alleged Chinn assaulted one woman with a weapon and fired shots in the area of another.

“I’ve probably known him for 15 years and if he was in here, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. If I ever had any problems I’d just say, 'hey Billy,' and he was there,” said Celicia Harris, a bartender who used to work with one of the women involved in the situation.

Schutkesting left three daughters and a grandchild.

“I feel so bad for his kids, his family, his friends everybody, he had an impact on everybody, it didn’t matter where he went he was everybody’s friend just the guy he was,” Chad, a friend and co-worker, said.

Chinn also entered a no-contest plea to 'discharge of a gun in an occupied dwelling' and to aggravated assault.


Sentencing is scheduled for December 15th.