Man running coast to coast to spread addiction awareness strides through Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An Indiana man is on the kind of journey where you'd better pack several pairs of running shoes. As his voyage across the country on foot took him through Kansas City, Christopher Miller stopped to talk with FOX 4.

"I`m passing through Kansas, I`m running across America," Miller said.

He`s raising awareness for drug and alcohol addiction and long term recovery in America.

"This cause is really close to my heart, because I have a close loved one that has struggled with alcoholism for most of my life. They`re in recovery now, and so this run is a celebration of their recovery," he explained.

Miller has always been a runner, and he`s always wanted to cross the country in another way besides driving.

"I really thought that was a good way to make a statement," he said.

He covers between 25 and 30 miles a day, visiting FOX 4 at the halfway mark. He hopes to finish in December.

Mike Dusman is his cousin, and is documenting the journey.

"Every evening, we kind of make a plan for the next day, based on the mileage he wants to get, and the city he wants to get to," he said.

The cousins say it`s amazing to meet so many new people and so many people from different walks of life.

They have an RV that they sleep in in the towns they pass through. They`re hoping to reduce the stigma and encourage people in need to seek treatment.

"Now that I`m actually on foot, going from community to community, talking to people, it`s even more of a shocker that we`re not talking about it more," Miller said.

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