Ruskin HS student hospitalized in critical condition after fight with female student and her father

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Ruskin High School student is fighting for his life after being attacked by another student and her father.

Hickman Mills School District administrators say the fight happened during mid-day Tuesday around the lunch hour inside the school. The parent followed proper protocol when entering the high school before the fight, according to a statement from administrators.

Police say the father and daughter beat the boy so badly that he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. According to KCPD, the female student and her dad were both arrested after school security broke up the fight.

As a result of the fight, Ruskin High School was put on a soft lockdown.

"They just said 'ok school we're on lockdown it would be in your best interest to get all the kids back in the classroom and shut the doors,'" said senior Luther Williams. "That's literally all the information they gave us."

A lack of information is concerning to parents like Jessica Fluellen who didn't know about the incident until she picked up her daughter after school.

I understand if you notify everyone immediately everyone is gonna be in a panic but after you've got the situation under control we would still like to know what's going on with our kids," said Fluellen. "We get calls every time the kids are late but when something serious happens we don't."

Ruskin High School administrators sent students home with a letter, and spokesperson for the Hickman Mills School District, Ruth Terrell issued this statement to explain the delay in notifying parents: "We have to make sure that we are accurate in the information we are disseminating. Before we cause any kind of hysteria, we investigate the incident. Parents will receive a robo call and letter before the end of the day."

Terrell says social media rumors that the father brought a gun into the school are not accurate.