Railroad workers picket after being without contract since January 2015

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Protesters lined the entrance to the Union Pacific rail yard in Kansas City Saturday.

The group represents 32 rail companies and 13 unions.  All of them have been working without a contract since January 2015. They decided to picket during Union Pacific's family picnic day this weekend to raise awareness of the stalled negotiations. Workers say they've gotten no wage increase or bonuses in the past two and a half years, while healthcare costs have gone up 15 percent.

"The company is still, all the carriers, are making record profits every quarter. Billion dollar profits. And we just want a fair deal. We work weekends, nights, holidays, we're out here 24/7 and we just want to be compensated fairly for it. That's just the right thing, and the carriers, unfortunately, don't see it that way," said Aaron Dixon, IAM AW Local 27 president.

The group is hopeful their efforts will help lead to a new deal.

We contacted Union Pacific about the workers' concerns, and the company told us it does not comment publicly about ongoing union contract negotiations.