Chiefs’ two leaders, Andy Reid and Alex Smith clearly frustrated by President Trump’s comments

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Andy Reid

On the 24-10 win over the Chargers:
All in all a good game. The turnovers obviously on their side allowed us to get some early scores. I thought our defense played well. They came up with some big interceptions on those turnovers. I thought that the interceptions by T. Mitch were big plays and good for him. I mean when you’re playing opposite all pro corner, you’re going to get tested and I thought he did a nice job there. Right at the end, for whatever reason, was messy in between I thought down the stretch in the fourth quarter, both sides, both lines defensive lines, that’s including linebackers. The offensive line I thought stepped up and did a nice job you saw the sack by 50 and you saw the sack by 27. I thought those were big plays, obviously for us.

About Chargers’ coach Anthony Lynn:
I think Anthony’s doing a heck of a job with this group. I mean they fight, man they fight right to the end and he’s been dealt with some complicated things as a new head coach to overcome here. That’s not easy. It’s hard to be a new head coach in this league as it is let alone have the move and all the things that go with that, so everybody just hang with him. He’s doing a heck of a job.

About the red in Los Angeles:
I appreciate our fans and being here. There was a lot of red here amongst the blue. We appreciate that. We could hear you and you fed us that second half there. We appreciate that.

About the team and the beauty of freedom:
I love our team. I appreciate the togetherness that our team has. I understand the time, listen I’m very well aware of the things that go on and that’s why I love America man. I mean what a great I’d place to live in and I’ve had a chance to travel overseas and see how things are in different places. How lucky we are to be in this country to be able to have an opinion, man. You know, and it’s not just the writers that get an opinion. Everybody gets an opinion, which is a beautiful thing. I support at the same time what our owner said and how he went and put out the statement there. With that, I’ll leave it at that.

Alex Smith

On the game:
Dug ourselves some holes, got in some bad situations, didn’t get much going there for a couple quarters.

On his admiration for his team, respect for their personal choices and frustration at the President’s comments:

You guys know me I don’t always feel comfortable talking about a lot of this stuff. We’re athletes, we’re playing football. But certainly I’d be lying if I said the comments didn’t upset me. I been in this league a long time. The leagues not perfect but I’m definitely proud of my teammates, coaches, trainers, owners. I mean there’s so many good things, great things that go on in this league and all of these communities I think there’s so much good intention and guys trying to do good things and uh… yeah I think it definitely struck a chord a little bit to see guys get attacked, you know for a peaceful protest. It was hard, frustrating for me.

I’m talking about the comments that were made by the President. Yeah I think targeting the NFL, targeting the quality, the character of the guys in this league, for that very protest. I find that very alarming. The same guy that couldn’t condemn violent neo-Nazis and he’s condemning guys that are taking a knee during the anthem. I find that there’s bigger issues out there that he should probably be worried about and for some reason, the NFL’s on his mind.

I think this team has great respect for each other within the locker room. Great respect. We’re all our own individuals. We are part of this team but we all come from different places. I mean this country’s about freedom.

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