Shawnee woman wants KCP&L to repair family heirloom from 1800’s she says was broken by workers

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Jackie Weaver, 82, has been working for months to get a stone bench that has been in her family since the 1800's fixed by the company she says is responsible for damaging it.

"I was born in a little town near the Nebraska line and my four great grandpas had a stone barn there and after the years, somebody else was owning the barn but said we could have artifacts from anything we wanted from that barn," Weaver said.

A 600-pound stone bench is what her family picked out and it has sat many members of Jackie's family including her great-grandchildren. But the four-generation-old stone memento was split in half in July after Weaver said KCP&L contractors cut and dropped tree limbs onto the bench.

"When they were through, I asked if they clean up their debris and they said `no, lady, that was your tree and you're responsible. The bench was broken and I was really sad because it means a lot to me," she said.

Weaver said she's had multiple conversations with KCP&L to get the bench restored but has gotten little help.

"It`s just frustrating to see in these times that people don`t desire what`s right even though it may take a little money, energy, and effort," Weaver said.

KCP&L issued the following statement:

"At KCP&L, we take any complaint very seriously. We are aware of this customer’s claim and have performed a thorough investigation. Following the investigation, we found the damage was caused by the storm, not our restoration work. However, we recognize the importance of this family heirloom and we know a lot can happen during storm restoration. Because of that we have offered the customer monetary assistance toward the repair costs."

Weaver said KCP&L offered her $100 toward the repair, but she said that won't be enough to repair the damage that's already been done.

"I just wanted my bench to be fixed and I didn`t want them to throw money at me, I didn`t want their money," Weaver said.