Joe’s Weather Blog: So this is really Fall after all (TUE-9/26)

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If you were flipping through the channels over the weekend…you may have noticed a bit of a difference in forecasts for today…I was much cooler than most other sources…and it’s because I really felt strongly that the models were underestimating the fact that this cold front was going to be bigger deal. Thick clouds…cold air coming in from the Plains and even some rain was everything that I was expecting. I couldn’t figure out how some models through today would be a “seasonable” day (average high now is about 75°. That didn’t jive in my weather mind…as a result I have been very aggressive with the cooldown that has now occurred. On Sunday I forecast highs today of 67°…so far that’s the high…and I’m not sure we’re going above that for the rest of the day.


Today: Variable clouds with a few pokes of sunshine. There may be a few leftover sprinkles or light showers. Highs about where we are now…in the 60s…although some may not even see that. It may be a few degrees warmer the farther south away from Downtown you get.

Tonight: Clouds may hang tough…this will keep temperatures in the 50s

Wednesday: Filtered sunshine with highs in the upper 60s to near 70°

Thursday: Cool morning with a nice afternoon. Highs in the lower 70s



Now moving on…

The cold front is pushing through the area..the rains were best and heaviest towards the W/NW/SW of Downtown KC. Some amounts were over 3/4″…but the farther east you went…the less the rain amounted too.

So the front has moved through…and the coolest of the air is still flowing southwards…on a NW/N wind.

The rain situation is winding down as well…the better amounts as were expected are towards the NW of KC…some areas over 1.5″ according to Doppler radar estimated totals.

There still ay be a few showers out there today…here is radar.

As we finish September…it will go down as a milder than average month. So far we’re running about 3.3° above average. That number should come down a bit over the next few days.

Interesting to note this tweet from the NWS regarding how September compares with August.

That doesn’t happen that often…we’ll see how the next 5 days play out and see where we end up…it may be close in the end with the cooler weather that has arrived.

Also of note are the numerous record highs falling, in some cases for several+ days in a row across the Great Lakes region. From Chicago to Traverse City, MI to Cleveland, OH and into the NE part of the nation this heat is almost unheard of for this length of time during late September.

Not much is going to happen around here for awhile…probably through the weekend. There may be another cold front on Tuesday with warmth coming in later next week…but let’s see how things play out.

The pleasant days and cool nights ahead should kick the leaf changing up just a notch…

Meanwhile Maria is still technically a hurricane although it’s losing it’s tropical characteristics as it is moving farther and farther north.

Meanwhile the outer circulation is brushing the coast of NC…there have been persistent higher surf conditions there and that continues to cause erosion. Winds are gusting to about 30 MPH there now but should increase during the day today and tonight with potential 45-55 MPH gusts along the Outer Banks of NC.

Finally, IF we do get some breaks in the clouds tonight…and you get to see the moon…you may notice a somewhat bright object beneath it…that’s Saturn.

Our feature photo comes from Mike Doyle…

I’m taking a couple of days off…soo the next update on the blog will be on Friday. More information is always available on my FB page…Joe Lauria Fox 4 Meteorologist



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