Witness recalls harrowing moments trying to help people bleeding from gunshot wounds

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Shots rang out at the Hawthorne Place Apartments in Independence Tuesday morning, leaving one person dead, another injured. Police took one person into custody and are searching for at least one more.

Police describe it as a shooting that took place over a period of time, with a lot of shots fired before it the initial incident ended.

Earlier Tuesday, officers took one man away in handcuffs while Independence Police, SWAT, the ATF and FBI swarmed the area looking for a second suspect in the shooting. Two nearby schools were placed on lockdown, which was later lifted.

Detectives are still investigating.

Witnesses said an argument took place here next to this apartment where a woman was shot and not long after, a man was shot. One of those victims died, and another is being treated at a hospital. It is unclear which victim was killed.

Police are not giving much information about why the one man was arrested, but they did say they are looking for a second suspect.

It was a scary morning for neighbors who woke to the sounds of an argument and then gunfire.

"Two females walking here this morning, a guy waked up to her, assaulted her, she was like, 'I am going to go get my bother and my daddy and it's on,' so by the time I go into my house and come back out, we ready to go to an interview, it was just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom," said witness Cindy Stevens.

Stevens said after the shots, she heard a girl screaming, followed by other commotion. Although she said shots were still being fired, she ran over to help, and found the girl who had been shot and then a man also suffering gunshot wounds.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Register-Stacy via Facebook.

"She got to screaming, talking about 'I got shot' so we trying to come and see what is wrong with her and someone started screaming 'oh, my husband was shot,' and so we're like, 'ok.' We run to the back, we run back there and rip the guy's shirt off and tried to apply pressure to his gun wound. He is shot like seven times so I am not knowing which one to hold," she added.

"I just happened to come outside after making my kid french toast sticks and I see a guy just randomly shooting and he is shooting like he is shooting to kill."

One woman who asked us not to use her name says she saw one of the suspects run right towards her house as she was standing outside.

"He just started running down the hill and he just started shooting and then I heard a teen girl say 'I'm down' and then they hover over her and then he looked back and he just started running after him again, he just started shooting again and the next thing I know I hear more shots and I came outside and I am screaming what the heck is going on?" she said. "That was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my whole life."

Police have not released any information about the victims, only that one is dead another in the hospital, and a suspect is on the run.