Photos show students forced to sit on floor of crowded Ray-Pec bus

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Raymore Police were contacted Thursday when students were forced to sit in the aisles of a crowded school bus.

Parents of a Raymore-Peculiar East sixth grader say overcrowding has been an ongoing issue this school year. They were still shocked when their daughter sent them a picture of what it looked like inside on the way to the middle school Thursday morning. The photo shows at least four students sitting and lying in the aisles.

“That doesn’t sound like it’s pretty safe to me. It seems like somebody ought to look into it," Michelle Guides, a Ray=Pec parent said after seeing the photo.

The girl's mother called Apple Bus about the latest instance Thursday. When she says she didn’t get a response, she called Raymore Police, which confirms they contacted the bus company. Thursday afternoon an extra bus was added to the routes.

Apple Bus released a statement saying:

"It is the goal and mission of Apple Bus Company to safety (sic) transport our passengers to and from school each day. We are aware of a situation in which one of our buses that serves the Raymore-Peculiar School District had encountered a challenge with overcrowding. We have worked with the Raymore-Peculiar School District to ensure that there will be no future occurrences of this nature."

An assistant superintendent who oversees transportation said this was the first he’d heard of overcrowding being this extreme in the district. A school district spokesperson says new boundaries were drawn as sixth graders attended Ray-Pec East and South for the first time this year. As a result she says they are constantly updating routes.

Raymore Police say they will have officers keep an eye out for crowded buses. They also plan to contact the bus company to see if parents complaints were previously ignored.