Security guard who stood by during sexual assault in Kansas City gets fired, advocates searching for suspect

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There’s a follow-up to that disturbing Kansas City sexual assault caught on camera, which FOX 4 first reported first on Wednesday. The security guard who stood by and didn’t intervene, has been fired. Now, community advocates are coming together to help find the suspect and help the victim move forward.

The images of what happened at 31st & Prospect outside a shopping center Monday are tough to watch. A woman was pushed against a car and repeatedly groped. Her shorts and underwear were ripped off in public, exposing her in the middle of the day. Witnesses and a security guard stood by and did nothing to help.

“She’s got five kids and those kids are terrified. They’re worried, scared and I don’t know what to tell them,” said the victim’s father, Michiel Morgan.

The Morgan family is now getting some help from the community. The advocacy group Code Against Crime & Violence has talked to the victim. She’s given them the name of her attackers and plans to talk with police.

“This is the first day of victory. It ain’t over yet. It’s just beginning. It’s a long road ahead to healing,” Morgan said.

The Morgans have admitted their daughter is a drug addict and believe the encounter started as a drug deal. Community advocates are now working to get the victim legal help, sexual assault counseling and substance abuse treatment.

“Regardless of whatever her lifestyle was or is, no one deserves to be treated like that, especially in public. And for other people to watch and view that as if it was some form of entertainment, it really kind of it…doesn’t set well with me,” said Ron Hunt with Code Against Crime & Violence.

They also want the sad situation to be a catalyst for change.

“When you have children being killed, women being attacked in public like this, it’s time for men to really step up—start to mentor with other young people and go outside our own families and our own house and work with other young people in the community and that’s where it’s going to start. That’s kind of what our motivation is to say there are men here who do care and others saying—please get involved,” said community advocate Ossco Bolton.

The advocates also want to encourage everyone to step up when you see something wrong happening, help out, and call police.