Controversial fliers on MCC campus in the Northland quickly confiscated

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Fliers for an Alt-Right group were found posted around the Maple Woods Campus of Metropolitan Community College on Tuesday.

The fliers, that read "White Man Stand Up. Say Goodbye to Political Correctness," were found by faculty and staff as they arrived on campus but were quickly taken down.

Although the fliers weren't up for long, it was long enough for word to spread to students across campus.

"It’s tragic and sad at the same time." Ikenna Ezeuka, a Freshman, said, "I feel like to do that in a place where people of all colors come here every day for an education, you don’t just put something like that in a spot that’s obviously for diversity. I feel like it’s wrong."

School officials said they do not know how many went up but they were not approved by the school's procedure.

The school said in a statement that it has a free speech, expression, and assembly policy but signs that negatively target certain groups are not allowed.

"I just don’t like hate around anybody, for any reason." Kaylee Bessette, a Freshman at MCC, said, "We are all just human beings, it just doesn’t make sense to me."

It is unknown who is responsible for posting the signs but the school said they are looking into the incident.

MCC released the following statement:

"Metropolitan Community College-Maple Woods employees discovered unapproved posters at their campus today. The College has an established procedure in place to assist individuals and groups, desirous of posting printed materials on its campus properties. In this case, the College was not contacted by whoever posted the collateral, and the flyers were subsequently taken down. To review MCC’s Free Speech, Expression and Assembly policy, please click here.

As an academic institution, MCC fully supports free speech. We believe as a learning environment, differing perspectives and points of view are invaluable to civil and healthy debates. While we promote and support an inclusive environment, we also must ensure that no specific group or individuals feel targeted or undervalued.

To advocate for the success of all its students and employees, MCC requires free speech contributors to act responsibly and expects students and the public who visit the campuses to conform to board policies, district regulations and district procedures. "