Man charged with murder in crash where two passengers were killed as he allegedly fled KCK Police

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The driver accused of fleeing police following a reported theft at Cabela's on Monday and causing a crash where two of his passengers died is facing murder charges. The Wyandotte County District Attorney charged Zackery Smith, 20, with two counts of felony murder in the first degree and other charges related to the pursuit.

Zackery Smith

A man and a woman were killed in the crash near 94th and Parallel Parkway: 27-year-old Jason Edwards and 23-year-old Amber Bledsoe. The driver of the truck Smith collided with is expected to be okay.

Police say Smith ran a red light and took a wide turn, colliding with the truck. He survived and tried to run from the scene, but was arrested. Investigators said the deadly crash should serve as a warning to not run from the police.

"It's the suspects to make that decision to disobey the law not only by fleeing, but by running a red light and making a wide turn, speeding. I don't think that Kansas City Kansas did anything wrong in their pursuit," Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tiffany Bush said.

Smith is also facing one count of felony interference with law enforcement, one count of felony eluding a police officer and one count of no driver’s license in his possession.

While he does have theft charges listed on his rap sheet on the Wyandotte County Detention Center's website, the DA's office did not include those charges in a news release on Wednesday, but say the investigation is ongoing.

Those jail records show he's being held on a $500,000 bond, no court dates are listed yet.