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Student now home-schooled after mom says he was abused at a Raytown elementary school

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A metro mom is livid after she said her 8-year-old son was abused at his Raytown elementary school in September. Now she wants to warn other parents.

“I totally believe my son was abused,” said Jodi Betz.

Betz said her son Erican was in a special program for kids with behavioral issues at Norfleet Elementary School. She said she got a call to pick him up from school where she spoke with the assistant principal and his teacher.

“When we got home, he told me his arms are sore, then told me they did the child control hold on him,” Betz recalled. “He had several marks under his arms, and on the front of his arms.”

After reaching out to the Raytown School District, FOX 4's Melissa Stern was referred to its online seclusion, isolation, and restraint policy, which says: “Following the use or restraint, the parent/guardian of the student shall be notified through verbal or electronic means of the incident as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the day of the incident.”

“They did not tell me that Thursday, also the policy states that someone in the personnel of the school is to do a clinical check on the child after that, and there was no nurse in the building that day,” Betz said.

She went in the next day to speak with the assistant principal.

“She instantly started blaming Erican, well maybe he did it himself,” added Betz.

Betz called Child Protective Services, filed a police report, and took him to get checked out at Children`s Mercy Hospital. She said doctors told her his pain was due to bruised skin and muscle area.

Betz said she met with school administrators last week.

“They just told me they found no wrongdoings to that teacher, that he is still in the building, and they can ensure that if Erican was to return, he wouldn`t have anything to do with him,” said Betz. “They should accept what happened was their fault, it happened in their care, it`s their job to protect our children, and they didn`t do that to my son that day.”

School administrators met today to discuss this situation further with the Director of Student Support Services. Erican is now being home-schooled, because he`s scared to go back.