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KCMO apartment residents wake up to gunshots Sunday morning

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "We heard a lot of gunshots," said Toya Moore on Sunday morning. "We didn't think anything of it, because we hear it everywhere we go."

She stood by her friend Renea Williams as she added, "I'm lost for words." Williams put her arm around her friend as Moore continued, "I don't want to cry."

Moore and Williams are tired. They are still wearing their make up from their fun night with friends. They spent the night with one of them at the East Hills apartment complex.   They happened to be in the building that had crime scene tape around it in the morning.

"By the time we woke up, it was, you know, yellow tape everywhere. Cops, paddywagons, news, everything," said Williams. "So basically, I guess, someone got hurt last night. And it led to this."

'This' is the ever-increasing body count in Kansas City.  As of Sunday morning, 113 people were killed in the city limits this year.  Most of them, according to police numbers, more than 70 dying of gunshot wounds. Like the one here in East Hills Sunday morning.

"I wish everyone could just stop the violence," said Williams. "You know, come together, as a community. This stuff is so sad. I'm tired of waking up hearing stuff like this."

The two women say they don't know what they can do to stop scenes like this.

"It's not like how it used to be back in the day when people used throw hands," said Moore. "Nowadays, it's to the point where people used to pick up a gun."

The friends say they're just tired. And they say they just know they don't want to see it happen again.

Police ask anyone with any tips on any of the cases, call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

One man died at the hospital after he was shot at the East Hills Village apartment complex on Sunday morning.

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