Dozens of people calling out phone scam where swindler solicits donations for Olathe Police

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Olathe Police want to warn you about a man who is calling people asking for donations for the police department. Police said he is not with the department and they are investigating the incident after receiving almost 100 complaints.

“They are asking for donations and when they are told no, they don’t have the money for it, that’s when they kind of get more aggressive,” said Sergeant Logan Bonney with Olathe Police.

FOX 4 spoke to a man who said he received one of the phone calls last week.

“I told the guy you know, not interested, thank you and they immediately persisted like oh you know we will take any amount of donation to help out and I said no thank you and hung up,” said Jeremy Brown.

Dozens of people have alerted police of the caller on the Olathe Police Department Facebook page.

Police said the caller calls from a 913 area code but said he could be calling from anywhere in the country.

“We don’t appreciate somebody soliciting donations in a rude way, using our name to benefit them,” said Sergeant Bonney.

If you receive one of the phone calls police said to hang up and notify them.