Joe’s Weather Blog: A temporary Fall chill in the air (TUE-10/10)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good morning…temperatures have turned much cooler in the region and today is going to be a struggle to warm up much at all with the cooler air and the low gray overcast expected…but the pattern is so progressive and NOT locked in…that this brief cool incursion won’t last very long at all. Overall a good nap day.


Today: Clouds, a few sprinkles/light showers possible too. Highs around 45-50 or so. Blustery winds from the north at 15 MPH as well adding a bite to the air.

Tonight: Clouds and chilly with lows around 40°

Tomorrow: Clouds will clear out as the day moves along…cool weather continue with highs in the 50s

Thursday: More sunshine and not as cool with highs back to around 70°


Yesterday was another great day but when today is over with…not too sure too many people will be saying that today. Blustery and cold weather will be the rule rather than the exception today. Temperatures which are starting in the 40s this morning with a stiff north wind…won’t vary that much today.

The cooler air coming down is also pretty saturated…so the clouds that are being created will be flowing southwards through the area as well. Texas is always a fascinating state to look at when these changes occur. It’s so large that you often get a huge contrast from north to south.

But you can see how the cooler air is affecting the central and west while the east is breaking records this morning for warm low temperatures, like what they did yesterday as well. It’s an unseasonably warm start for many cities in the eastern third of the country today ahead of the cold front.

There is also a rather strong upper level wave coming towards the area from the KS side…this will be moving through today and may create some additional fast moving showers as well. You can see the showers on regional radar.

At any rate…it will feel and look like fall out there today…

Meanwhile the fires in CA are slowly getting contained…the winds aren’t as bad today but the ingredients to create this firestorm were all there…and it was waiting for a “spark”. This is their dry season…and after years of drought which killed so much grass etc…then an incredibly wet winter that allowed all sorts of new growth then the typical dry times of teh last few months…the fuel was ready to go up. Odds are arson may have been the cause of at least some of the destruction out there and fanned by winds of near 70 MPH…it was a bad situation that many out there will remember for the rest of thir lives.

The extent of the fires, and the fact that whether the home was small or huge, will go down as an event that will be one of the worst “fire” events that they’ve had out there.

10-15 people lost their lives in the fast moving fires…and there are reportedly 100 people missing today. Satellite pictures yesterday showed extensive smoke covering many areas of northern CA towards the coastal region…here was the view from Disney Land more towards southern CA.

Here is the evening discussion from the NWS in the San Francisco area highlighted the ingredients.


Our feature photo comes from Robin Lorenson of some “mammatus” clouds out towards Great Bend, KS a few days ago I noticed some of these clouds yesterday afternoon underneath some the anvils from the storms that were down towards the south of the KC region. They are formed in sinking air (which is different than typical) but the sinking air has to be cooler than the surrounding air and have either a high moisture content or have lots of ice crystals.


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