Congressional candidate in Kansas who speaks American Sign Language wants to break barriers

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OLATHE, Kan. -- One man running for office in Kansas hopes to break down barriers if elected to congress. Chris Haulmark is a name you might not know now but could in a few short months.

“I just recently completed the steps required to run for Congress. During this political storm I think it`s perfect timing,” said Haulmark, through interpreter Mitch Bartlett.

Like any political newcomer, this candidate is working overtime to create a platform, but even more so because of how he communicates.

"I`m from the deaf community so we`re very much a minority community. I understand the frustrations, I understand the struggles and I bring all of that and I bring a voice to them,” Haulmark explained.

Haulmark is a Democrat who wants to represent District 3 in Kansas, which is home to the Kansas School for the Deaf and a sizeable population of people who use American Sign Language as their primary language.

“I believe that I would be a perfect representative for this district. I have experience working with other people who aren`t necessarily deaf and I can include them, plus I can make the deaf people a priority as well,” said Haulmark.

He has used sign language to communicate since going deaf at age one and hopes his race for Washington can prove to others that anything is possible.

"My run for congress is showing America how a person who has come through difficulties and can accomplish things,” he said.

Haulmark says he has already filed to get on the 2018 ballot and he’ll spend every day between now and the election working to get his message heard.

“It`s very shocking for many people to see this or to assume that a deaf person can`t do this and won`t be able to do the job. I know that feeling, I`ve seen it my entire life. Once I have the chance to have people come up and meet with me and challenge me on issues, ask me questions, ask me my platform, get on my website, challenge me, test me, give me that opportunity to prove to you that I am capable of doing this,” said Haulmark.

To learn more about Chris Haulmark visit his campaign website by clicking this link.