Railroad workers who are tired of stalled negotiations picket for higher wages and better healthcare

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Railroad workers are staging an informational picket Thursday morning because they say they are tired of stalled negotiations.

The workers, who are picketing at the Burlington Northern on Argentine Boulevard in Kansas City, Kan., say they want better pay and better healthcare while rail companies are making billion dollar profits. They have been working without a contract since early 2015.

This is the second time these folks have staged a picket in the metro. A union representative told Fox 4's Rob Collins a national day of informational pickets is forthcoming if something is not resolved.

"We are out here because healthcare is very important to us, I have a family of four at home and when one of us gets sick or something like that the last thing you want to do is have to pay more money for healthcare and that’s the most important thing to all of us," railroad worker Corey Trahern said.

The union representative said their last resort would be to "seek self-help," which would mean a strike. That strike would have an impact on everyone considering 40 percent of goods and services are shipped by rail, according to a recent study from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

"You raise our healthcare and you don’t give us increases in wages you’re just losing money every year, I mean they’re taking money out of our pocket pretty much," Trahern added.

Fox 4 reached out to Union Pacific for their side, but the company said they cannot comment public ally about ongoing union contract negotiations.