Wild fight caught on camera disturbs metro parents, concerns teachers union representative

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Caught on camera - violent video of two middle-school girls fighting right in front of a teacher. The middle school melee has parents, students and the president of a local teachers' union all wondering - just how safe is your child's school?

"Oh, no this is horrible," said parent Marmelyn Martin about the video. "That's scary. Kids are not supposed to come to school and be like that."

A parent, who shared the cell phone video with FOX 4 says it shows two Central Middle School girls engaged in a wild fight in a hallway....At the school last week.

The mom says the girl wearing a blue shirt was suspended a week ago for punching her daughter in the face, and FOX 4 was told that same girl was fighting on her first day back. The mom's daughter was also suspended.

Martin's 13-year-old son is a seventh grader at Central Middle School and saw the video for the first time on Thursday.

"They need to calm down and stop acting tough," he said.

And teachers are also at risk. According to the Department of Education, 210 elementary children nationwide were expelled during the 2012-2013 school for attacking their teachers. Incredibly, that number jumped to 370 by the 2015-2016 school year.

In the controversial video, some parents have criticized the teacher, who's holding a two-way radio for at times backing up and apparently letting the fight escalate.

"When it gets to this level and with this kind of violent fight, which is what this is, I would not want any teacher to intervene," said Andrea Flinders with the Kansas City Federation of Teachers. <sotcover
"You need somebody that knows what they're doing and that would be security."</sotcover

FOX 4 reached out to Kansas City Public Schools for reaction to the video, but so far we still haven't heard from them.