Neighbors lend helping hands after storm rips through neighborhood

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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There's no power anywhere in one North KC neighborhood our FOX 4 crew visited, but with lights, you could see front yards were just covered with trees and the street was covered with debris.

It's quiet here now but a short time ago neighbors were out with chainsaws already going to work and cleaning up this mess.

FOX 4's Molly Balkenbush drove all through the neighborhood and saw around five or six homes that had trees limbs on top of their roofs.

The entire neighborhood has debris all over the street and there are many downed power lines.

Earlier we talked to a woman who lives on this block. She said even when the rain was still coming down neighbors were out trying to clean up the road so cars could get through.

She says she's grateful to have so many great neighbors around her.

"The tree came down, we all heard it go down. The lights went out we immediately came outside and we saw the damage. We had a couple of huge limbs in the driveway right across from us. We were lucky it did not hit our car, and people just came out of the woodwork raining and lightning thundering and suddenly there were chainsaws and people with trucks," she said.

Be extra vigilant while driving through any areas that have been hit by the storm. The power lines are hard to see and as of now we haven't seen any utility companies out here fixing them. Be sure if you come across a power line to stop and turn around you not drive over it.