North KC homeowner hears loud crash, runs upstairs to find home full of smoke

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NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A North Kansas City homeowner narrowly escapes as a fallen tree comes crashing into his bedroom ceiling.

FOX 4’s Shayla Patrick spoke to the homeowner.

Strong winds and possibly lightning knocked over a large tree this evening onto the roof of a nearby home. Thankfully, the family living there is okay.

The homeowner said the impact of the tree falling shook the house so hard that pictures fell off of the walls.

He and his family members were all home at the time.

They were downstairs at the time and when he ran upstairs to see what happened, there was smoke everywhere, so his first thought was that they had been hit by lightning.

Then he saw several large pieces of tree branches in a bedroom and knew what caused the house to shake.

The homeowner works as a first responder so he’s seen this type of thing before, just never experienced it personally.

"It’s always difficult when it’s your own home, but it’s still the same mentality, you still take care of the people around you and that’s what I did," said homeowner AJ Jensen.

Going forward this family will focus on clean up. A friend with a tree service has already come out to help clear some branches from the roof. They said they’ll wait for insurance and go from there.