Chiefs fans cheer survivors of 7 forms of cancer during ‘Crucial Catch’ game at Arrowhead

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Every person who attended the Chiefs-Steelers game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday received a white card and was encouraged to dedicate it to someone they know who has been affected by cancer.

It was one of the many ways the Chiefs, in partnership with The University of Kansas Health System and the American Cancer Society, helped promote early detection during its 'Crucial Catch' initiative.

"No one is immune to cancer and so if we can play our part, even in a small role to bring awareness to everyone so that we can save one more life or get detection before something really happens that`s part in partial to what we want to do," said Bill Chapin, Chiefs senior vice president of business operations.

'Crucial Catch' has raised more than $18 million since 2009.

Seven cancer survivors were recognized at half-time; each fought a different form of cancer and promoted screening for each.

The survivors are: Corina Ramirez (colon cancer), Samantha Hardisty (breast cancer), Kristina Traughber (cervical), Donald Hall (prostate), Bettye Givens (lung), Tim Grimes (melanoma) and Aiden Burkhart (sarcoma).

Grammy-award winning musician Melissa Etheridge — a native of Leavenworth, Kan., sang the national anthem. (Watch in the video player above.) Etheridge is a cancer survivor herself. In 2004, at age 43, she discovered a lump in her breast.  The cancer was also present in a lymph node. She had a lumpectomy; doctors removed 15 lymph nodes, and she underwent chemotherapy.

On its website, the Chiefs organization, provided a link to schedule a cancer screening through The University of Kansas Health System.