Furious Kansas City mom says an adult attacked her child at boy’s school

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "I am very angry. I mean my son went to school just fine. He didn't go to school like that so why would he have to come home like that?" asked an irate Kinda Collins.

Collins says she's now looking for answers one week after she says her 10-year-old son, Gregory Gaddy, suffered three red bruises on his neck. Gregory has ADHD and bipolar disorder. He's also a fourth grader at Success Academy at Knotts, an alternative school in Kansas City.

"My son had red marks in three different areas of his neck. When I took him to Children's' Mercy Hospital a doctor told me while he didn't suffer any serious injury, Gregory did have marks on his skin. I could see them for myself. He told me "that man" choked him," exclaimed Collins.

During an exclusive interview with FOX 4's Robert Townsend on Monday, Collins said last Tuesday her son's principal first called her and said Gregory had been "acting out in class."

"She said he was kicking a desk with his foot and tapping on the desk and apparently they consider that to be acting out. He did not attack anyone. He just didn't follow the rules as they wanted him to," said Collins.

A frustrated Kinda Collins says when she arrived to the school she saw her scared son balled up in a fetal position on the floor in the principal's office. Collins also says the principal, a security guard and "an unknown, black male" were all standing by.

"I was scared so when that man first came up to me I ran and hid under a table. When I came out, he said sit down and he picked me up by my neck and slammed me in the chair," recalled Gregory Gaddy.

"When I got to that school I asked the principal is the man who attacked my son an employee with Kansas City Schools? She never answered me and when I asked the man, he never said who he was either. So, I called the school the next day and everybody just referred to him as 'an unknown, black male.' I've heard he may be a 'reverend,' but right now I just want everybody to know what happened to my son. A therapist at that school did restrain my son the right way, but that so-called 'unknown male' did not. I don't event think he works there, so he shouldn't have been trying to restrain my son. I'm just a mother crying for help," said Collins.

In addition to Kansas City Public Schools, Kansas City Police and the Missouri Department of Children and Family Services are now investigating the child abuse allegations.

Monday, Kansas City Public Schools would not identify the "unknown black male" who Gregory Gaddy says attacked him.

However, in a statement sent to FOX 4, Ray Weikal, a spokesman for the school district said ensuring the safety and security of all students is the district's top priority. Weikel also said "KCPS treats all allegations of abuse with the greatest concern and attention. There are rigorous KCPS and state policies, procedures, regulations and laws that guide investigations and consequences in these cases. KCPS does not comment on any allegations or issues involving specific cases."

Meantime, Kinda Collins says she's keeping her son home until the district transfers him to another alternative school

"They failed my son at Success Academy at Knotts and I'm not letting him go back there because I don't think he will be safe," said Collins.