Clay County investigators trying to find who shot at Staley High School runners with BB guns

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Metro high school athletes were targeted with BB guns while at practice on Tuesday. The Clay County Sheriff's Office says investigators are trying to track down the suspect or suspects.

The incident happened during cross-country practice and several Staley High School varsity boys were targeted. FOX 4 spoke to the coach who said everybody is okay and nobody had to go to the hospital.

The school district confirms that none of the students was seriously injured and that the investigation has been handed over to police. It encourages parents with concerns to call the sheriff's office.

Coach Todd Warner said this will be his 30th cross-country season and this is a first for him. While it's known that there were no serious injuries, it's still unclear if any of the runners were hit.

District staff says the team was running in the area of the school when it happened. No suspect information has been released yet.