Neighbors hail Northland non-profit as a blessing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Eulan Stark takes pride in keeping up the curb appeal on his Northland home.

“I’ve always been able to do everything myself,” the 75-year-old said.

But Stark is battling cancer and, on a fixed income, finds it difficult to keep up with home maintenance.

“I’ve never really been one who took charity,” he said.

Make no mistake, Stark is not accepting charity. Stark is benefiting from a home-repair program offered by the local non-profit agency "Northland Neighbors, Inc."

Homeowners who meet income requirements can have a long list of home repairs, including a new roof, from a relief fund that relies on donations from the public.

Last year, Northland Neighbors, Inc. doled out more than $640,000 for repairs to more than 240 homes. Stark’s home got a fresh paint job last week.

Esther Loder is in a similar situation. Loder is retired with a fixed income and is passionate about her garden. But the roof on Loder’s home needed to be replaced.
Like Stark, Loder was stunned to find out she qualified for a new roof through the non-profit.

“I didn't realize they even had anything like that,” Loder said. “All I can say is; it’s a blessing I didn't even ask for it.”

To find out if you qualify for assistance from ‘Northland Neighbors, Inc., you can check its website.