14 Raytown officers resign from force, plan to move to KCPD

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RAYTOWN, Mo. --  The Raytown Police Department is seeing some big changes -- more than a dozen officers are leaving the force.

Fox 4 has been telling you about the recent budget cuts in Raytown, and now the department says 14 officers -- mostly veterans -- are leaving and moving to the Kansas City Police Department.

This means some of the officers who were going to lose their jobs due to budget cuts are being asked to stay on the force.

Just last week the police chief estimated that  17 police officers in Raytown would be laid off as a result of more than $3-million in budget cuts approved by city leaders. Police Chief Jim Lynch also told Fox 4 News that the department's five open positions would not be filled.

Many continue to blame big tax subsidies that brought Wal-Mart to town for creating a hole in the city's budget.

The chief says he's looking for volunteers to help the remaining 39 officers on the police force.

A Raytown alderman says she believes police are top-heavy with too many commanders that can be reassigned to duties on the streets.