Nelson-Atkins Museum is installing mini golf course and they want your help to design it

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Putt-putt is coming to the Nelson Atkins Museum.

A nine-hole mini golf course will soon be installed on the lawn next to the shuttlecocks – and you can help design it.

If you are an artist, a designer, an architect, an engineer – or simply feel you have the skills to design a mini golf course – then the Nelson Atkins Museum wants you.

They want every hole to be inspired by either the architecture, such as the shuttlecocks or pond outside, or by the museum’s permanent collection inside. So for instance, you could create a green inspired by a painting Van Gogh or Monet created.

You can work alone or with a team of people, and you can submit as many designs as you’d like.

If your concept is chosen, you will get $500 and a free pass to play on the course whenever you’d like next summer.

According to the rules, the holes must be made with materials that can withstand the elements since it will be outside; materials for each hole must be under $4,000; each hole must be inspired by art in the Nelson Atkins permanent collection or else the museum’s architecture; and it must be playable – at par 6 or under.

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, the Museum will host an informational session for those interested in designing part of this mini-golf course, and all submissions must be in by Monday, Nov. 30.

The museum expects more than 30,000 people to play this course over the course of next summer.

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