Waldo Bar customer kicked out for displaying gun returns and opens fire

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Workers and patrons in Waldo say they are lucky to be alive. Witnesses say a man kicked out of the Waldo Bar came back shooting.

No one was hurt, but neighbors and customers are on edge about increasing violence.

"When that happened I was immediately angry, I was not scared," bartender Ashly Meek told FOX 4.

Meek was tending bar at Waldo Bar when she says a bald guy with an eastern European accent walked in and asked her for a beer.

"He was a little inebriated and he immediately started asking if there were police around and told me that he was with homeland security, and I just kind ignored him because you get those kind of people that time of night," she recalled.

Meek said the man was at the bar for about 10 minutes when he again started talking about being with homeland security and had only been in town a few days. She continued to ignore him until he did something abrupt.

"He pulled out his gun and set it on the bar, and I do not allow that and was immediately like, get, leave, please leave my bar," she said.

She says the man paid his bill with a credit card and even tipped her -- then left without a problem. Five minutes later, shots rang out.

"Our door guy Phil was outside, saw him kind of stop and lean out his car a little bit before he hit Waldo Bar and he got a little weirded out and came inside and came behind the bar with me and right when that happened there were four pops," Meek described.

What they did not know at the time is that the man had been kicked out of a bar down the street, Bobby Baker's Lounge, for acting strange and talking about violence. They called 911 so police were already nearby when the shots were fired.

No one was hurt in the shooting because Meek's car - parked right outside - took the hits.

"He shot through my back window, five inches closer....," Meek said.

Several minutes later a window at the Burns & McDonnell building at Wornall and Ward Parkway was shot, then the QuikTrip at 103rd and Wornall was also hit. No one was hurt in any of the incidents, police are still trying to determine if all three are related.

By Thursday morning, police told Fox 4 they had arrested the man they believe is responsible for the shooting.

"A person in our community firing shots in and around businesses occupied patrons is unacceptable and we (KCPD) take these acts very seriously," Kansas City police spokesperson Stacey Graves said. "Detectives immediately began investigating the incidents and quickly developed a suspect.  As a result, the suspect was located and taken into custody.  Charges will be presented to the prosecutor this morning, if they haven’t already."