Citizen ride-along witnesses shots fired at Belton officer

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BELTON, Mo. -- It started as a Facebook contest. It ended with a shooting, and a new career path for a Belton woman.

As Alayna Adamson put it, “who knew that a Facebook contest would change somebody’s life so much?”

On Saturday night, she was riding along with a Belton police officer (Sgt. Adamson - no relation). Alayna said they pulled over a vehicle for a broken tail light. But instead of stopping, Alayna said the vehicle drove away.

She and Sgt. Adamson chased the car into a neighborhood. She said she watched the driver pull into a driveway, jump out, and run. She said he saw Sgt. Adamson get out to chase the suspect, and then heard the gunshots.

Those shots didn’t hit Sgt Adamson, but he was hurt on the scene and hospitalized. And Alayna, who until Saturday night wanted to go into the medical field, changed her mind.

“Before last night, I never wanted to be anything but (something) medical,” said the 20-year-old. “But now, that showed me that I wanted to be something like in law enforcement, but on computers.”

Alayna is now considering a becoming an emergency dispatcher.

Alayna stayed in the car the entire time, so she was never in any danger and was not part of the crime scene, though she said the time she spent with Sgt. Adamson certainly made an impression.

“A lot of people don’t like cops,” said Alayna. “They’re just to protect you. They’re just there to do their jobs and they’re not mean. They’re not mean people at all. They’re super nice, they’re just doing their jobs.

Alayna was not even the original winner of the ride-along. Her sister was, but Alayna asked to go in her place.

Alayna will get a do-over; she plans to have another one with Belton police this weekend. She’s hoping she sees more action.