Two KU students arrested for alleged rape of another student on campus

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Two male KU students have been arrested for rape in a University of Kansas dorm room. University police say in the early hours of Saturday morning a female student reported being sexually assaulted by both males in two separate incidents. Students who live in Downs Hall, where the incident took place, are concerned.

“I wouldn’t think that a dorm would be a place where it would happen,” said sophomore Micaela Gibson.

“I was just kind of in shock, because it’s so close and I can’t believe something like that happened,” said freshman Kailyn Winfrey.

Students add, this scary situation serves as a grim reminder about personal safety and being aware.

“I’m never on my phone [when I’m] walking alone just because then I feel like I wouldn’t be as aware of my surroundings. I always make sure I have my phone or my keys in my hand and I’m still paying attention to my surroundings,” said Winfrey.

“I try not to go out at night without a group of people, I check up on my friends to see where they are,” said Gibson.

Campus police say after an investigation, both suspects in the rapes were interviewed and taken to the Douglas County Jail.