DIY Halloween decor in just minutes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Halloween is a little more than a week away, and if you haven't decorated your house for the spooky day, it's not too late.  Tamara Hudson with Encore Unique Boutique visited the Fox 4 studio Monday with two fun ideas you can create in just a few minutes with items around the house.

Stick Wreath


Sticks -gather more than you think you need
Glue gun & hot glue


1. Start with an oval frame approximately 8" X 5". You can make this as big or as small you like, just remember you don't need a huge "wreath" dorm because the sticks determine the final size.

2. The break the sticks gathered from the yard into pieces anywhere from 8" to 12" long.

3. Start gluing sticks randomly around the frame.

4. After the glue is good and dry, take the stick wreath outside and paint it. Tamara said spray paint works the best.

There are NO rules! Add fake cobwebs and spiders or black crows. Possibilities are endless.

Spider Tree


Foam Pumpkin
Stick with branches
Chalk paint
Plastic Spiders
Glue gun & glue sticks


1. Paint orange foam pumpkin white with chalk paint.
2. Push the branch straight down in the stem of the pumpkin until it hits the bottom. Add some glue if you want to hang anything heavy from the branches.
3. Paint the branch white with just a quick dry brush.
4. Hot glue spiders going up the pumpkin and into the branches. You can leave like this or take bats or more spiders and hang them from the branches using thread or clear fishing line.