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Local artist gets resoundingly positive response to dolls with rare skin condition

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local artist’s creation of dolls with a rare skin disease has not only sparked a growing interest but spawned a booming business that has made keeping up with the demand a challenge.

“One doll might take a couple of hours and then others might take a couple of days. It just depends on the details,” artist Crystal McIntosh said.

And it’s the details of this labor of love that has helped McIntosh blossom a successful business from her backroom in just nine months.

“I did a doll with Albinism, then I did a ginger, that`s the redhead with freckles, and I thought `Well I`m going to make a doll with Vitiligo.` Because I`ve never seen one so I figured why not,” McIntosh said.

What she did not anticipate was the impact her art would have on the rare population her dolls represent.

“The response has been astronomical. Of course I`ve seen it before but as far as the psychological aspects of it, these women a lot of them got bullied, a lot of them have self-esteem issues so it`s really come to life now in this past month,” she said.

In the last month McIntosh said she has pushed as hard as she can to fill the dozens of orders that are rolling in. However, the time each doll requires has made supplying this growing demand a challenge.

“I`ve been so busy these dolls are really made to order,” McIntosh said.

It’s a challenge that she’s gratefully accepted and one she aims to continue moving forward.

“I feel highly favored that my passion and artwork has taken off the way it has. I`m in hopes to have my own line of dolls one day so I`m going to just keep pushing. I`m not going to stop,” she said.

You can find more examples of McIntosh’s work on her social media page: Instagram: kaycustoms