Overland Park City Council candidate tells challenger to stop texting her

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- It's not the usual war of words on the campaign trail in Overland Park.

Ward 4 City Council candidate Gina Burke says she became so irritated by her challenger's private text messages, she decided to make them public.

"It started the day that I filed, receiving calls and text messages,” Burke said. “And the following day more text messages.”

The messages questioned Burke’s experience and ability to handle the job.

“I wasn't expecting it at all and when I would tell my friends about it they would say ‘that's not normal’, and it's not," said Burke, who is challenging longtime incumbent Terry Goodman in November's race.

Goodman didn't want to be interviewed by FOX 4, but sent this statement:

"My campaign, as it always has been, is focused on my positive record and vision for the City. Those that know me know my character and record of service to the residents of Ward 4 and the City as a whole.”

Burke, who is 34, is running for office for the first time and believes Overland Park needs more youthful leadership.

"I believe in transparency, I think that everyone's voice counts and also I disagree with a lot of the tax incentives that we're doing in Overland Park right now," said Burke.

Burke posted the text messages on her campaign website and believes the tone of Goodman's messages, urging her not to run against him, border on harassment.

"I don't know if he would do the same thing if it were a man that was running ," Burke said.

Municipal elections in Overland Park are on Tuesday, November 7th.