Police say illegally-parked semis may be to blame in deadly crash that claimed metro woman’s life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman killed in a Saturday afternoon crash took joy in spending her time in theater, making families and kids smile.

The crash happened in a business park near NE 40th & NE Kimball. Police say semi trucks blocked the stop sign.

Yvonne Douglas, 53, and her son Ian were heading to George Owens Park in Independence for a theater production called Enchanted Forest when the crash happened. John and Nancy Eppert said Douglas first brought her kids to the show in 2008. She's played a huge role in production ever since. They remember Yvonne as full of life, proud of her Irish heritage, and the "most gregarious, kindest woman ever."

"She was here not because what she could get out of it. What she got out of it was the smiles and the laughter of the children and the families," John Eppert said.

His wife Nancy said, "She loved this event. She loved the Enchanted Forest like the rest of us did. She loved life, she loved her family, and her friends and she never met a stranger. She was so giving and so wonderful."

Bad weather slated for Saturday night caused the production group to cancel the show. Yvonne and Ian were headed to help break down the sets. Kansas City Police say there were several semi-trailers parked on the street in a no-parking zone, blocking the stop sign. The driver of a semi was passing through and hit Yvonne's car as she was crossing the intersection.

A Google Maps image of the intersection shows rows of semi-trailers parked in those exact places along both sides of the street, in no parking zones.

Police said two trucks were ticketed and towed to the city lot.

The Enchanted Forest shows will continue as planned Saturday. Yvonne's friends believe that's what she would have wanted.