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KCK residents will soon have the opportunity to try ‘Amazon Key’ test program

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Amazon customers living in Kansas City, Kan., will soon have the opportunity to help the company try a new test program aimed at keeping your packages safe once they're dropped off at your front door.

We see it all the time – thieves taking packages off the porches of homes while the homeowners are away. This new service starting next month hopes to solve this problem.

The program is called Amazon Key – and the reason they call it that is because you’re going to give the key to your house to the Amazon delivery driver. That will allow them to leave all your packages inside your house instead of on your front porch.

For now KCK residents will be the only ones in the metro able to use this new service.

To participate, you must buy a $250 security kit from Amazon. The kit includes a security camera, a smart lock and an app for your phone. Then when you buy something online from Amazon, you can mark the in-home shipping option. When the delivery driver shows up, they’ll use a scanner to unlock your front door and leave your items inside before re-locking the door and taking off.

If you’re worried about trusting the delivery driver, all you have to do is turn to your phone. The security camera you install will record every delivery, so you can see from the app on your phone exactly what the delivery driver does.

This new service begins Wednesday, Nov. 8, and it will initially be offered in only 37 cities including KCK.

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