Liberty teacher and coach loses job over misconduct with student

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LIBERTY, Mo. -- A Liberty School District teacher and coach who was placed on leave earlier in October agreed to resign from his position and not seek or accept a job in public or private education anywhere in the United States.

This move came after Noah Simpson, who was both a teacher and coach at the high school, was accused of inappropriate communications with a student. Following that initial accusation, he was accused by someone else of soliciting photographs from a former student who attended school in a different district. Additional rumors were reported to the district, but they could not be verified.

The district determined Simpson acted inappropriately and violated the district's strict policy on electronic communication with students.

Liberty Police say a report was filed against the administrator on Friday, Oct. 6. They have investigated the matter and determined that there is not enough evidence at this time to warrant a criminal investigation against this person.

The Children's Division continues to investigate but 'at this time the district has no evidence that criminal activity has occurred."

Liberty School District officials said that Simpson was in his sixth year working for the district.