Woman found on the ground outside burned KC apartment building

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City woman is fighting for her life after flying out of a second story window during a fire Friday morning. The fire happened near the corner of Bellaire & St. John in the Historic Northeast.

A brown and white mutt was able to take deep breaths with an oxygen mask after being pulled from an apartment fire Friday morning. The careful attention from KCFD is now credited with keeping the pooch alive.

Renee and Talawn

"She says, 'I've had a rough day!'" Dr. Katie Lesage, a veterinarian with KC Pet Project said.

Now, she's got a fighting chance at a full recovery.

"She sounds pretty good. Just a couple little wheezes in her lungs. So we'll have to just keep monitoring that," said Dr. Lesage.

Staff at KC Pet Project nicknamed the sweet survivor 'Cinderella'. It turns out her actual name is Fifi. During the fire, her owner Renee Ramirez came out a second story window, and was then found on the ground outside the apartment building badly hurt.

"They were trying to get my mom to breathe, get her to say something. She didn't say anything," said Renee's daughter, Talawn Arellano.

Talawn says her mom's now on life support with severe injuries from the fall and from breathing in smoke from the fire.

As you can see in the Facebook video, the firefighter who gave her the oxygen remained by her side to comfort her.

"She's a fighter and I believe she's going to fight through this," Arellano said.

But Talawn has a lot of questions about what happened. She says she lived on the first floor of the building several years ago, with her mom and mom's boyfriend living upstairs. Talawn claims her mom's boyfriend set the bathroom on fire back then. Police confirm there was an arson investigation at the home in 2009, but no arrests were made.

"I just hope if anybody knows any information of exactly what happened here, they need to step forward and tell the police," said Arellano.

Talawn's now trying to do whatever she can to support her mom who has lot her home and all her belongings.

"I will take care of her, whatever she needs. I will be there," said Arellano.

As for the sweet dog Fifi, vets say she's been a mom recently but doesn't appear to be pregnant right now. They're keeping her hydrated and checking her lungs often. They're hoping to reunite Fifi with her owner's family soon.