Another campus assault reported: KU student says she was raped by another student

LAWRENCE, Kan. — University of Kansas police confirmed to FOX 4 on Tuesday that they took another report of a rape on campus. The female student reported the alleged assault on Wednesday, Oct. 25th, telling police a male student assaulted her at Downs Hall, 1517 W 18th Street, on Friday, Oct. 6th.

The suspect was arrested and the information forwarded to the Douglas County prosecutor to determine if there’s enough evidence to file charges.

This comes after another female student at Downs Hall says she was raped by two male students – at different times – in the early hours of Saturday, Oct. 21.

According to the KU website,  the new Downs Hall is single gender by suite instead of single gender by wing, as are the other halls.

On Monday morning, Oct. 23, the KU Deputy Chief of Police told Fox 4 he’d handed over his investigation to the Douglas County District Attorney. By lunchtime, a spokesperson for the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office told Fox 4 they gave police the case back, asking they continue their investigation.

According to the FBI, out of a thousand rapes, it estimates only 13 — about 1% — get reported.  And out of a thousand rapes, only 7 total will get a felony conviction, which is why district attorneys ask police for additional evidence or to continue to investigate.

Douglas County has struggled with sexual assault and rape cases before. In November 2014,  a Haskell student says she was raped by two men. One of those men eventually pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. The other took his chances at trial, and had two hung juries.

So prosecutors are learning they have to be very thorough as they put their case together, which means asking more of investigators. That can also mean re-interviewing victims, which, experts say, only adds to the trauma.

Anyone with information about the rape accusations is asked to call the KU Public Safety Office at (785) 864-5900.