Platte Co. prosecutor says he was surprised to learn NYC terror suspect was stopped in Platte County

PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd held a news conference regarding New York City terror attack suspect Sayfullo Saipov on Wednesday.

"It certainly comes as a surprise, when just yesterday, I was watching the horrible acts in New York City unfold, and then, I learned later in the day that we had in fact, prosecuted this man for obviously a minor traffic violation," Zahnd said.

Before he was arrested for running down pedestrians in a truck in NYC yesterday, Saipov was wanted in Platte County on traffic infractions, and eventually turned himself in near St. Louis.

We knew that Saipov was stopped by the Missouri Highway Patrol in Platte City December 16, 2015. He was cited for not maintaining the required brake system in a motor carrier. The section of code the Highway Patrol said he violated regulates commercial vehicles.

"There are occasions where the contents of the truck are opened and inspected. I don't know what inspection, if any, occurred in this incident," Zahnd explained.

"My office prosecutes thousands of traffic tickets each year, many of them coming from the weigh station north of Platte City. These sorts of incidents are very common. It's not unusual for my office itself to prosecute thousands upon thousands of tickets, and many of those tickets never make it to our office because most people simply pay the fines through the collection center in Jefferson City, he said.

Court records show troopers put out a warrant out for his arrest in April of last year when he didn’t respond to the ticket. He was eventually tracked down and served with the warrant in Tampa, Fla.

He turned himself in October of 2016 near Saint Louis. He posted $200 bond at the Saint Charles County Jail and never had to go to court as that bond was applied to his fine and court costs.