Family of man killed in crash along with man once suspected of murder says it’s not fair

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two innocent men killed five years apart — one common denominator.

Perry Green was killed in a crash along Independence Avenue Monday Oct. 30

“It’s not fair for someone to take his life, and they should have been put away a long time ago,” Simone Green, Perry Green’s daughter, said.

“It hurts man, it hurts. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I feel empty. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat,” Green’s son, Perry Green Jr., said.

Perry Green was just 56 years old when he was killed Monday. He was known as a father of six, grandfather of ten, and husband of 28 years.

“What were you doing that you were in such a rush, or felt the need on a Monday morning to be having road rage, it just doesn’t make sense, you want to race someone and cut them off?” his daughter asks. .

Bryan Middlemas' newest mugshot from Johnson County

Police say 40-year-old Bryan Middlemas was driving a gold Honda that crossed the center line and crashed head-on into a purple Ford F150 driven by Perry Green.

“They had to cut my father out of the car,” Simone says.

Both Middlemas and Green were killed immediately. Police say Middlemas was racing a third car, a silver Pontiac. that driver drove off without stopping.

Image of the victim's Ford F-150

Middlemas was once suspected and tried for the 2012 murder of an AT&T worker.

“There’s one common denominator there, their dad was obviously in the wrong place at the wrong time, very similar to mine,” William Mashburn says.

In September 2016, a jury found Middlemas not guilty of killing 58-year-old Kevin Mashburn.

Kevin Mashburn

Mashburn’s death was a violent one and the ‘not guilty’ verdict was shocking to Mashburn’s family.

“We still feel like he just shouldn’t have been out, free to do something like that,” William says.

Kevin Mashburn’s son, William, says he understands what the Green family is going through, and feels terrible, but says if it’s any consolation, neither family will never have to see Middlemas again.

“This horrible accident took a legitimately violent, horrible person out of our community for good,”  Mashburn adds.

“It is kind of like karma, he still got his in a way, but he killed an innocent man who wasn’t ready, he had a family who depended on him for everything,” Perry Green Jr., says.

“I know it’s sad to say, but I just feel like in some way it is kind of justice, but I just wish he didn’t take my dad with him,” Simone adds.

Green’s children say they hope the driver of the Pontiac comes forward and does the right thing. They ask anyone with information call the police or TIPS Hotline (816) 474-TIPS.

Green’s funeral is Saturday.